Filler Piece:

  • Multiple sizes available (See Sizes tab below)
  • No locking ports; economical solution to fill the mechanism channel on extra tall Lift & Slide Doors or Windows


Part Numbers:  See Sizes Tab

The Lift & Slide Mechanism Filler Piece covers the routing on the edge of doors or windows taller than 100″ (stock height of all FPL Lift & Slide Gears).  It does not include any additional locking ports, it simply fills the channel above the gear mechanism.  Screw Holes are pre-drilled, various sizes available.

Compatible with the following Lift & Slide Gears:

***If your door is taller than 100″, and you need additional locking points, use our Lift & Slide 24″ Mechanism Extension.***

Part Numbers   –   Sizes:

  • 95FP23   –   23.1875″
  • 95FP25   –   25.3125″
  • 95FP37   –   37.25″

Lift & Slide Mechanism Filler Piece