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“We have had a wonderful experience with FPL Door Locks.  They have always been attentive to finding things we need.  Since we are in a different type of door world several of the off the shelf items just do not work in our world.  So Seth has searched for something that would work in those required areas.  We do not always use things in the designed way so they have been flexible with us to get what we need without having to get things we did not need.”

-Thomas Countermann, Customer Service

“I have always valued the personal interaction and commitment to prompt service that has been the hallmark of our relationship with FPL for over twenty five years.  Any time that I have a question or an unorthodox hardware request, I can depend upon a prompt personal response from somebody at FPL who either has the answer, or will be investigating and getting back to me with a response.  This commitment to customer service along with the quality products that they offer is something that our company highly values.”

– Russ Waldrop, Owner

“We have been buying FPL products since 2005 and have found the quality and design choices to be excellent and their pricing is always competitive.  Their customer service team is both helpful and professional, They are always ready to help with any inquiries about the product line.”

– Albert Orci, Sales Manager

“While my company barely scratches the surface of fully taking advantage of FPL’s collection and capabilities, when sourcing products from them I can still expect fantastic customer service and infallible hardware.  From custom offset euro profile cylinders to fold-flat lift and slide trim, they often offer unique, problem-solving items with cutting edge functionality.”

– Peter Schnakenberg, VP Operations