• Arm length: 5-1/16″
  • Arm mounting plate: 2-5/8″H x 7/8″W
  • Strike length: 3-7/64″
  • Strike mounting plate: 1-3/16″H x 1-3/16″W


Part Number: 620-US26

The Security Door Guard is great for added protection to your home. It is designed to allow your door to open slightly while maintaining security, perfect for safely ventilating your home. With this door guard you can stay safe and keep what belongs inside, in and outside, out.

  • Secures door while allowing slight opening for ventilation
  • Cannot be unlocked from the outside
  • Does not scratch door or trim like traditional chain door guards
  • Heavy duty brass material with durable finish; designed to last
  • Out of the way when not in use
  • Mounting screws included

Security Door Guard