• Convert a Multi Point Mechanism that requires a Profile Cylinder to accept an American Style Tail Piece
  • Easy Install; doesn’t require disassembling the mechanism
  • Simple alternative to replacing an entire Multi Point Gear Mechanism


Part Number: 7000ACA

Our American Cylinder Adapter allows you to modify our Multi Point Mechanism from only accepting a Profile Cylinder to accommodating an American Style Tail Piece.

Installation is simple, it doesn’t require disassembling the mechanism, and gives you easy flexibility with your trim hardware:

7000 ACA - Side View

  • Remove the screw to disassemble the Adapter
  • Rotate the Cam so it is pointed downward, then insert the Cover and Cam into the mechanism where the profile cylinder would go
  • Once the Cover and Cam are in place, use a flat head screwdriver to rotate the Cam into operating position (with the Cam pointing upward)
  • AFTER YOU’VE ROTATED THE CAM UPWARD, insert the Body from the opposite side of the mechanism and use the provided screw to secure the entire Adapter in place
  • Detailed Installation Instructions below:

American Cylinder Adapter Instructions

***For compatibility with Multi Point Mechanisms from other hardware manufacturers, we recommend purchasing a test Adapter before purchasing large quantities.***

***PLEASE NOTE: This adapter allows the Cam to travel only 90 degrees.  So it will NOT work with mechanisms that require a complete 360 degree turn.***


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