#7003 3-Point Entrance Mortise Mechanism


  • Active Multi point Mechanism with Deadbolt, Shoot Bolts, and optional Roller Cam Extensions for 5 total locking points (see Description and Technical Specs below)
  • Stainless Steel (Grade 316)
  • Lock with a Profile Cylinder (or American Style with our American Cylinder Adapter)
  • Pair with our 7002 2-Point Inactive Entrance Mortise Mechanism
  • Available in a 35 mm or 45 mm Backset
  • See the ‘Compatible Plates/Rosettes’ Tab below for available trim options


Part Number:  7003-Backset (35mm or 45mm)

Our 7003 Entrance Multi point Mechanism with Deadbolt and Shoot Bolts features the following:

  • Stainless Steel material (Grade 316)
  • Locking Deadbolt
  • Top and Bottom Shoot Bolts (lift lever to engage)
  • Optional Extensions with Roller Cams for 2 additional locking points; See ‘Technical Specs’ tab for more details)
  • Standard 3-5/8″ (92 mm) center to center spacing between Lever hub and Cylinder
  • Lock with a Profile Cylinder (or American Style with our American Cylinder Adapter)
  • Dimensions (see ‘Technical Specs’ Tab for detailed drawings):
    • Handle Height:
      • Minimum of 25.75″
      • Stock Height is 36″ with Shoot Bolt (to increase, add extensions below Mortise Box)
    • Overall Height (without Roller Cam Extensions):
      • Minimum of 66.1875″
      • Stock Height is 86.6875″ (to increase, add extensions above Mortise Box)
    • Backset Options Available:
      • 35 mm
      • 45 mm

Part Numbers (Specify needed parts when ordering):

Mechanism (Stainless Steel only):

  • Part #   7003-Backset (35 or 45 mm)

Shoot Bolts:

  • Top Shoot Bolt (Reverse Action)
    • Part #   IM2-150
  • Bottom Shoot Bolt (Forward Action)
    • Part #   TM2-150


  • Standard Extension (no additional Locking Point)
    • Part #   500EXTI
  • Roller Cam Extension (1 additional Locking Point per extension)
    • Part #   500EXTIRC

Latch/Deadbolt Strikes:

  • Standard Latch/Deadbolt Strike
    • Part #   469-Finish Code (US 10B or SS)
  • Optional Latch/Deadbolt Strike
    • Part #   467-Handing (LH or RH)-Finish Code (US 3, 5, 10B, 15, 15A, 26, 26D)
  • Optional Latch/Deadbolt Strike (single Strike; needs 2 for each mechanism)
    • Part #   468-Finish Code (US 3, 5, 10B, 15, 15A, 26, 26D)

Shoot Bolt Strikes:

  • Standard Rectangular Strike (Adjustable)
    • Part #   F10PZREL
  • Optional Thimble Strike – Screwless Mounting (Adjustable)
    • Part #   F10PZBE
  • Optional Double Strike (Adjustable)
    • Part #   F10PZRB1

Roller Cam Strikes:

  • Roller Cam Strike – 1 Slot
    • Part #   F101ZE70
  • Roller Cam Strike – 2 Slots
    • Part #   F101ZE80

3-Point Mechanism

3-Point Mechanism (Labelled)

Main Mechanism

Shoot Bolts



Mechanism Drawings

Extension Drawings

Strike Drawings

Milling, Installation, Extension/Shoot Bolt Connection Drawings

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