Swivel Cover:


Part Numbers: 284-Finish (10B, 14, 15)

Our Swivel Cover for Removable handles is a sleek way to allow operation of a removable handle.  If using an exterior pull, the Swivel cover will mount through the door into the exterior pull.  If no exterior pull is being used, mount with our Lift & Slide Handle Backing Plate.

  • Swivel Cover is 4″ long and 1″ wide
  • Standard Lift & Slide screw hole spacing (3.15″)
  • Comes with 2 screw sizes:
  • Heavy duty brass material with durable finish; designed to last

Use with FPL’s Removable Handle.

If a smaller, open trim plate is desired for a Removable Handle on Lift & Slide, see our Removable Handle Trim Plate.

Swivel Cover for Removable Handle - Open/Closed

Swivel Cover for Removable Handle - Open

Swivel Cover for Removable Handle - Closed