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FPL’s 4″ x 4″ Solid Brass Radius Hinge with Heavy Duty Ball Bearings and Non-Removable Pin offers UNMATCHED performance.

  • 5/8″ Radius Corners
  • Extruded Brass Material machined for precise installation and smooth movement
  • 2 non detachable, anti-friction Stainless Steel ball bearings mean greater load capacity and increased hinge life
  • Stainless Steel Non Removable Pin means even with the hinge exposed to the exterior of the building, it cannot be removed.  Set screw secures the pin in place, and is inaccessible from the exterior
  • Heavy duty performance (see ‘Technical Specs’ tab for more details):
    • 2 hinges support 118 lbs
    • 3 hinges support 177 lbs
    • 4 hinges support 236 lbs
  • Button tips thread into the top and bottom of the hinge, preventing the pin from rising out of the hinge barrel
  • Ball and Steeple tips are also available (see ‘Photo Gallery’ and ‘Technical Specs’ tabs)
  • Screw Packs included

Hinge Part Number:

  • BB4709-Finish


Screw Pack Part Number:

  • 4X4H-SP-Finish


Ball and Steeple Hinge Tips


Dimension Drawings

Weight & Height Specifications