Sliding Door Foot Bolts



Part Number: 1014-Finish Code (US3, US5, US 10B, US15, US 15A, US26, US 26D, Nougat, Tiffany Bronze, PVD, White, or Black)

The Sliding Door Foot Bolt is a great auxiliary security feature to add to your home. With a steel bolt that secures into the floor, your privacy and safety will never be compromised.

  • Provides a multi-lock system and added security
  • Easy to install and use
  • Use for secure venting of sliding doors
  • Comprised of heavy duty steel bolts with a zinc body
  • Can be installed on left or right handed sliding doors
  • Mounting screws included
  • Can be installed on wood, vinyl, and aluminum doors

Foot Bolt

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Foot Bolt Hole Instructions