Lift & Slide Multi-Door High Track


  • Use with our Extra Wide Door Sill Cover
  • NO PRE-CUT WATER WEEP HOLES (See Description Below for more details)
    • Install a water bridge where you need them
    • No more covering over unused water weep holes


Part Numbers:

Multi-Door High Track – P/N 236

Water Bridge – P/N 273

End Caps (set of 2) – P/N 267


This aluminum Multi-Door High Track has NO PRE-CUT WATER WEEP HOLES.  No more covering over unused water weep holes.  See below image for details on how to easily cut water weep holes where you need them and install our water bridge:

It is available in 19′ lengths.

Currently available in Dark Bronze only.

Click here for more details on our Door Sill Cover that integrates with this Multi-Door High Track.  We also offer High track for single panel applications.

Track and Components

Door Sill with Track

Multi-Door High Track