High Security X8 European Profile Cylinders (8 Pin)



  • Offers 8 Pins for extra security
  • The ‘dimple’ contact points on the key are on all sides
  • See the Key photo for a closeup look


Part Numbers: See the ‘Sizes’ Tab

These High Security X8 European Style Profile Cylinders offer higher security than any standard profile cylinder, using dimples to provide 8 points of contact to operate the cylinder.

They are made of brass material, and available in lengths down to the millimeter (see ‘Custom’ tab for more details).

We offer the following Keying services for our cylinders:

  • Keyed alike
  • Keyed Different
  • Master Keyed

Single Keyed:

  • Keyed Exterior, Thumb Turn Interior

Double Keyed:

  • Keyed Exterior, Keyed Interior

Half Cylinder:

  • Keyed

***For Privacy Cylinder or Half Cylinders with a Thumb Turn, see our European Profile Cylinders Product Page***

Single Keyed

Double Keyed

Half Cylinders

Custom Capabilities

Single Keyed


Thumb Turn Options